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Utkal University Topper Speaks

After completing my XII in Commerce (2014) from DPS – Kalinga as a topper, I was looking forward to get admission in a really good commerce college in Odisha for my B.Com degree course. It is in this time, that I came across SAI International College of Commerce in Bhubaneswar. I was indeed very thrilled and excited to take admission at SICC because our batch was just the third batch of this new college and we would be getting every opportunity to be trend-setters for the future generations to come.

As I am keen lover of sports, I feel that my sportsman spirit was also evolved to even greater yardsticks at SICC. Every time when I represented SICC at the University level for various sports like Volleyball, Football, Cricket, Badminton, Basketball, I realised what it feels like to be proud of one’s own educational institution. And today, I feel very privileged that SICC is my alma-mater. When I got the news of being the Accounting Honours Topper of Utkal University’s B.Com examination 2017, I was astonished to see how happy my teachers and juniors at SICC for my achievement were. Where on earth will you find a place other than home where people are more excited than you are for your achievement?

My time in SICC has been really memorable one throughout. It is true that I have spent only three years of my life here but this place has given me so much that my entire life is a too short one to repay it back. It is here that I shaped my ambitions of being a Chartered Accountant and successfully cleared my CPT and IPCC (Grp –I) exams.  It is also very disheartening for me to realise that my time in SICC is over now. Our Chairman Sir Dr. Bijoy Kumar Sahoo conscientiousness in taking the standard of commerce education to new heights in Odisha is the reason why SICC is unique from other colleges and educational institutions. And it is the sincere dedication of our Principal Sir and teachers’ that makes SICC edge on the extra mile for achieving many more glories.

I am extremely thankful to my teachers for being with me through thick and thin in studies and personal life as well. I am sure they must have had a pretty tough time with my adamant and obstinate nature.

SICC -you beauty, thanks for bearing me and yes, I have fallen in deep love with you. So keep the gates open, because my legs won’t slow down when I visit you, it’s a home away from home, Lot to learn and lot to remember. To all the SICCians – we all are destined for success.


Nikhil Bhushan Singh,
Utkal University B.Com Topper in Accounting Honours, 2017


“You did not come this far to only come this far.”

That’s what my teachers had told me on my first day at SICC, setting me off for an epoch-making journey. My three years at SAI International College of Commerce have been the most enjoyable and endearing part of my life till now. It was everything that you would expect from a college – classes, lectures, debates, sports, fun and frolic, events, celebration, friendship. Amidst all these, I learned the most valuable lessons of my life – dedication to work, commitment to goals, lessons of gratitude, values of integrity in character, importance of a good personality. But what I cherish the most about this college is love and affection embedded in its air and gracefully painted into every inch of its canvas that builds it into the perfect epitome of Temple of Enlightenment.

When I first got the news of securing the top position in Management honours in Utkal University’s B.Com examination, my heart had no boundaries of exhilaration and delight. I immediately went to my college to share this great news and seek blessings of Chairman Sir, Principal Sir and my Teachers. The pride and elation in their beaming faces was beyond description. But one particular statement from them immensely moved me – “Manas, we were always confident that you as an alumni will make us shine in all your future achievements and glories but this stepping stone is telling us how fast your pace can be. We should be ready for more to come”. This instilled a spirit in me to crave for more and not just stop here.

It is not unusual to find the technical and materialistic support in any other college to be an achiever or topper. But the encouragement and the morale support from SICC’s pillars makes it unique and exclusive. Our revered Chairman Sir, Principal Sir and the teachers have left no stone unturned to make this place much more than a college and an ideal home for everyone. Their relentless guidance, care and trust in me helped me reach my goal. And I am sure; these will be the reasons for all my laurels yet to come.

I still treasure the words I was told on my first day here and will carry with me till the end, thus benignly nudging my brain that when it comes to dreams, that even Everest is not the limit.

Thank you SICC for everything that I have learned from you.


Manas Agarwal,

Utkal University B.Com Topper in Management Honours (2017)